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"Please Mom, Can We Get One? Please...Please...Please.... "

Breeding Quality Alpacas

Males range from $1000 to $3000

Females range from $2000 to $8000
Depending on Pedigree, Age, Color and Breeding History

Pet Quality Alpacas

Males and Females range from $500 to $1500

Price options for local buyers who will allow Thunder Mountain
to retain breeding rights, fleeces, and/or registration


NO alpacas will be sold alone, unless the new owner

already has alpacas or llamas on site.

Alpacas can die of depression if they don't have a herd/buddy.


Please call and visit the ranch to discuss options


Other Barnyard Animals

While we are not registered breeders of the other animals
 we do sometimes offer our critters to special customers who
fall in love while visiting. Animals available now are:


Next Clutch due to hatch summer 2020

We will not be able to determine sex for several months,
so chicks are $50 each from 2 weeks to six months after hatching.
After six months of age, Males are 
$150 and females $100

Peafowl make EXCELLENT guardians, they eat lots of bugs, and
they also keep the snake and mouse population under control.


We only need one Roo, and Slick is our "Chick Magnet",
so all other roosters are available for $15 each.
Call the ranch for availability.



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