"...with a  Bow Wow   here and a Oink Oink there,
here a Ba-a-a there a Meow, everywhere an ...."

Livestock Guardian Dogs;

"Daisy" and "Delilah" the Great Pyrenees
"Bianca", Beloved Chicken Guard (RIP 2017),


Navajo Churro Sheep:

"Ba-a-a-arny"who thinks he's either short-necked alpaca or a puppy

The Barn Cat "Alvin",
named after a Chipmunk
(or was it a squirrel?), who recently survived an attack by a Javelina


The House-Mutt "Kitty"
(who doesn't answer to
"Here Kitty Kitty Kitty"), but 

thinks she's in charge of everything

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